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Naghma Jan Bibliography

Her Views About her and her career

She is a patriotic person. She tells about her people and her country in almost every interview. The main wish and dream for her is to make her country free, free of illiteracy, free of terror, free of bribe. In one of her interview she was asked that don’t tell that this is my only wish to have a free country, but tell us another good wish and dream of you, she replied for that very seriously that this is the only wish that can give us and fulfill other wishes so we should pray for this first. According to her own words “ Arman arman zegavee zama arman hum da day che Zamong masharan kasharan de pa de Wathan bande zra okhogawee da zra na ow deltha zma da khalqo aram yee, thrbia yee, ow reshwat na ye no zamonga tol armanona ba poora she”.

Her life is very simple as she says. She loves her culture and traditions that’s why every pashtoon is a fan of her. Her simplicity gives her the honor of a pashtoon women. Although she is a singer and singing in the pashtoon culture is not an honorable thing but despite this she recognize her as an artist of honor because of that simplicity and patriotism. That is the only singer in pashtoon culture who has the love of Pashtoon not only for her songs but also for her personality as a pashtoon and that is the only female singer who is accepted as a singer and a pashtoon as well in this culture.

Her Career

She started her career with a lot of deficulties and restrictions from her family and relatives. As the pakhtoon culture don’t accept singing career for females and singing is considered as a bad and disgraceful career, she faced a lot of trobles for her career.

Her Choices


Half white for walls

Black for her cloths


Can cook every thing specially Kabuly Polawo


Simple Afghani

Faviorite Songs

Romantic and Ulmasee (National song for her country), Tape, ghazals, and folklore songs.


Only Pashto traditional music like Rabab etc.

Some thing about Naghma Bibi the Pushtoon Singer.

Naghma bibi is a Pusto singer who born in the city of Kandahar (Afghanistan) on January 1, 1964. Her name was Khaperay or Shaperay. Known mostly as Naghma she famous all over the world as a passionate and traditional afghan singress.

She has around 3000 songs on her credit. In addition, she has performed in dozens of concerts around the world. As a young girl she was intrigued by music and had the talent and passion required to gain a worldwide fame in music. Her performance as a traditional Afghan music icon has inspired masses both in Afghanistan and Pakistan and abroad as well.

Singing is hardly accepted as a career for a woman in Pushtoon culture where Pushton traditions play a crucial role in every aspect of her life. Originating from an afghan family, Shaperai faced strong domestic resistance but fate had other plans for the young Kandahary girl. In her own words she says " Ma Daire khwaryane ow sthonze me galalee dee khpal fun da para shok da para". Feeling that her life was under constant threat she left Kandahar and moved to a much more open city of Kabul where she had the chance to perform at Kabul Radio.

After the war in Afghanistan prolonged and life in Kabul was not safe anymore Khaperay had no choice other than to leave her country and migrate to neighboring Pukhtunistan province in Pakistan. She continued her music career there which gradually gave her the opportunity to appear on PTV in 80's erra and thereby reach masses not only in Pukhtunistan but Pashtoons all around Pakistan.

Naghma sings in Pushto and Persian Language, she also sung an Urdu song of Lata Gee " Ajao tharhapthay hain arman ab rath guzarnay walee hai" in 80s that was a nice and sung beutifully by her.

Early years

Naghma belongs to the Pashtoon ethnic group. As a young girl, she developed an interest in music. Her early songs were based on Kandahari songs, most of which were folkloric in nature but were essential in training the novice. After moving to Kabul, Naghma held various jobs, all the while pursuing her passion. Coming from a traditional family, she met with much resistance from relatives who saw singing as a demeaning career for an Afghan woman. However, Naghma was not discouraged by this. Naghma became a student of a musician-turned-singer, a fellow pashtoon from Laghman province of Afghanistan.

The pivotal point of her career came with the hit single 'malek janah'. The song was immensely popular and, to this day, remains her morst memorable. Soon After this song come 'mazigar day ka na dai' another papular song that enlivened the radio stations of not only Afghanistan but Pakistan and some African countries as well. A number of moderately successful albums followed, after which she performed in a series of well received concerts. Khaperai Naghma has now around 5000 songs on her credit.

With impending civil war, she left Afghanistan for Pakistan in 1992. There, they became very successful with an enthusiastic crowd of Afghan exiles who were nostalgic for her native music. Her financial situation by this time had improved significantly. In the lat 90's, she left Pakistan to immigrate to the United State.

After establishing contact with the Afghan community of northern California, she held a series of performances. However, Naghma and her husband have since divorced, citing her husband's alleged continual alcohol abuse. Naghma is continuing her career as a professional artist.

Recent Developments
In 2006, Naghma's new single 'mohbbat' was released. This was the first time she had sang a pop song. It is a favorite club remix and the accompanying video is also Kabul TV stations and Afghan MTV's most requested video. the song is one of the highest ranking Afghan songs in the world. Also in that year, Naghma returned to Afghanistan to give a round of concerts in various cities. During her concert held in Kabul, the crowd showered that rose with rose petals.

  • She is a patriotic who love her people and her language. In almost every interview she talks about her country and her people to be independent and free of terrors. She wants her people to be literate and loving each others.

  • She moved from the US with her two daughters and two sons in 2007 and is currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Some Words of Ghani Khan On Her Great Personality

Stha Zolfe Wal Pa Wal Laka Khamar;

Naray Shonday Khkule Dake Da Khumar;

Stha Da Bathe Pa Shan Danga Gharhay Zar;

Nargasee Starge Dake Da Khumar;

Stha Ghakhoona Dee Laloona Da Ada na;

Da Anagee Che Dee Sra Sra Laka Da Anar;

Stha Paste Da Sareende Pa Shan Khabere;

Stha Wajood Laka Da Sarwe Waza Dar;